Nummer Drei (1989 - 1991)

by Karsten Schulze

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this is a collection of 4-track-recordings I have made between 1989 and 1991. They are quite different in style, so, it might be worth-while listening to all of them.


released September 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Karsten Schulze Dusseldorf, Germany

K. S. has been active in a variety of musical styles and he participated in lots of musical collectives (such as rock and fusion bands, church choirs, a capella quartets, etc.) as well as composing and recording solo. On this site you can find and listen to a collection of his musical efforts, which mostly are far away from the mainstream and often withdraw from categorization. ... more

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Track Name: Damn' old Silly Fool
Ride high in the sky
grab your peace off the pie
walk below deep under snow
to find out what means to and fro

Haven't you heard, haven't you seen?
what are you doing and where have you been?
come here, go there, we like to fool you,
but won't bore you to death

Leave your cell, go through hell
wrong from wrong you'll learn to tell
show your skin and show your sin
exhaust yourself, pull out the pin

Hey dear, don't have fear, cause you're a lucky man
we're by your side, we're full of pride
We won't give a damn when we're about to see you
drowning in the jam.

Damn' old silly fool
you're always acting to your own rules
hey, damn' old silly fool
it's great fun holding you up to ridicule.

Stay with us, you need us, we need you
make no decisions on your own
you'd endanger your head, you know,
if you tried to leave your fetters and chains

Look at us, we watch you cry
we want you raging, loosing, trying
stagnate, frustrate, but don't give in
we need to hunt you, need to hurt

again and again.

Damn' old silly fool
you're always acting to your own rules
hey, damn' old silly fool
it's great fun holding you up to ridicule.
Track Name: 500 Years
500 years

Be conscious and be careful
that you do not miss the moment
heavens door is open
for if you're not here now with your
whole life awake,
it is over when you turn 'round and see:
you'll have to wait
for another
500 years

500 years.
Track Name: When the Bees got Quiet
the old man died
alone in his garden,
by an aaron's rod
majestically standing there
he was lying there 'till darkness,
'till the bees got quiet.

"He died an easy death,
didn't he, doctor?"
the lady in black asking quietly
she has come to the garden
as she used to do on saturdays,
carrying in a bag
her usual meal for two.